A key ingredient to Fiber SenSys' success has been the stand-alone alarm processing unit (APU) with its intrinsically safe properties. Using non-conductive optical cable as a sensor allows the system to safely function in the midst of extreme conditions such as flammable gas or high electricity. Unless the fence and APUs have been properly grounded, there is a potential that electricity could damage the cable or processor.


Grounding is a vital element of the system design because effective grounding provides safety, equipment protection, facility preservation, and electronic noise reduction. Electrical danger can originate from natural or manmade sources and should never be overlooked because it cannot always be controlled; thus, planning for the worse case is recommended. Proactively planning for possible electrical surges before they happen saves money and provides higher security in the long run.

This installment of tech tips will give the reader the knowledge needed to properly ground a perimeter fence as well as grounding the alarm processor itself.

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