PIR Sensors

Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors for Military Applications

PIR sensors are an ideal choice when a USAF approved interior sensor is needed.  Ideal for personnel doors, ceiling or area coverage, as well as SCIF applications, these reliable and affordable intrusion detection sensors are specifically offered for military projects.

Product Information:

AP2-20N Sensors


The compact and discreet AP2-20N indoor passive infrared detector is designed to meet the requirements of certain applications. 

  • USAF PL-1 tested and approved
  • High-density detection zones
  • Uniform sensitivity for stable performance
  • Fresnel lens design
  • Patented double conductive shielding technology
  • Wall and ceiling mounting
  • 20ft detection range, 8ft - 12ft mounting height


The EX-35T delivers reliable and precise indoor detection performance with dual purpose optics.

  • USAF PL-1 tested and approved
  • Advanced design multi-purpose spherical lens
  • Selectable detection patterns
  • Patented multi-focus lens
  • RFI protection
  • Detection ranges: Wide-angle: 35ft x 35ft; Long-range: 55ft x 5.5ft