Outdoor applications of fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems expose the sensor cable to a wide variety of stimuli ranging from high winds, rain, and in some cases even the signals associated with trains, trucks and other vehicles.


These installations can be challenging. The proper deployment and tuning of the fence-sensors (processors and cable) is critical to meet our product specifications and customer expectations.

Optimal performance of Fiber SenSys (FSI) fiber-optic perimeter intrusion systems results from a design that addresses the complex interplay between the system electronics and the fiber-optic sensing cable. Alarm Processing Units (APUs) consist of lasers and receivers working together forming results based on complex algorithms. The hardware and software are optimized around specially designed optical sensing fiber. To ensure the reliability and performance of our systems, FSI manufactures our fiber-optic cable to strict tolerances and specifications following rigorous testing. Adherence to these strict processes allows FSI the confidence to warranty both the APUs and sensor cable*.

Fiber SenSys has throughout the years, tested and evaluated the use of many other commercially available fiber-optic cables. To date, we have found no other fiber-optic cables that meet our construction and performance requirements. The use of non-certified sensing cables may detect vibrations, but there can be problems. Because of their modal dispersion characteristics and jacketing, they may provide non-linear amplitude responses with large discrepancies in the frequency of signals generated. These discrepancies cause inconsistent performance, which could result in unacceptable results and overall customer dissatisfaction. Fiber SenSys cannot guarantee system performance of applications utilizing non-FSI supplied fiber-optic sensing cable. We will warranty the functionality of the electronics. However, overall system performance (including probability of detection and nuisance alarm rates) cannot be supported by Fiber SenSys unless both key elements of the system, the sensor cable and the APUs, bear the Fiber SenSys name.

*Please refer to Fiber SenSys Standard Terms and Conditions for full product warranty information.