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  • REVEAL™ Radar Sensors

    REVEAL™ Radar Sensors

    Early warning and tracking of potential threats is increasingly necessary to electrical substations, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants. These are just a few of the applications benefiting from compact surveillance and intrusion detection with Reveal radar sensors.

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  • Fiber Optic Security Products

    Fiber Optic Security Products

    The originator in fiber-optic sensors for the security market, Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) provides scalable solutions for perimeter and physical data security.

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  • Outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection

    Outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection

    Primarily deployed on fences and walls, we provide solutions for sites ranging from small antenna arrays and electrical substations to large oil refineries and critical military sites.

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  • Physical Layer 1 Data Security

    Physical Layer 1 Data Security

    SecurLAN solutions, offered at the lowest cost per zone in the industry. Our products have been approved and certified for the protection of the PDS, and are compatible with all varieties of network architectures, including secure passive optical networks.

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  • Transportation & Aviation

    Transportation & Aviation

    Security is a dominant factor in transportation. Two factors define the needs in these applications: the sensor needs to thrive in very harsh environments, and high performance and reliability are expected.

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  • Military & Correctional Installations

    Military & Correctional Installations

    Fiber SenSys has a rich history of successful military projects. Whether security is needed for force protection or critical resource sites, we can provide a solution. We can also help with both fixed and tactical/temporary sites.

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  • Oil, Gas, and Substation

    Oil, Gas, and Substation

    Fiber SenSys (FSI) is an approved vendor supplying many of the largest petrochemical companies in the world with perimeter security solutions.

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Fiber SenSys News Center

Recent FSI News

  • Fiber SenSys, Inc.’s Fiber Defender Products Interface with Lenel’s OnGuard® Access Control Security System +

    Hillsboro, Oregon, August 17, 2016 —

    Fiber SenSys, Inc., (FSI) announced today the release of an update to the current Lenel OnGuard interface.  All current Read More
  • Fiber SenSys integrates with GEMOS advanced PSIM by ela-soft GmbH +

    Fiber SenSys®, Inc., Hillsboro, USA, a world leader in the design and development of fiber-optic sensing technologies for outdoor perimeters and physical data networks has Read More
  • Fiber SenSys NOW @ SECUREX Poland 2016! +

    Outdoor and perimeter security have become increasingly important to the assurance and defense of personnel, critical resources and Borders. Integrators are seeing perimeter and outdoor

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Recent Industry News

  • Optex Recieves Platinum Stellar Service Award for Outstanding Warranty Policy +

    Optex HQ

    “It’s an honor to receive the Platinum Stellar Service Award for outstanding warranty policy. We at Optex have prided ourselves for over 30 years on

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  • Protecting the Nation’s Electric Grid From Terrorist Attacks is a Top Priority +

    Electrical Utilities Increase Security Protection

    A report by the Washington-based Congressional Research Service said the U.S. electric grid may be vulnerable to a terrorist attack,

    Read More
  • Fiber Data Security Best Practices +

    Solution Physically Protects Network Conduit and Raceway


    Fiber optic cable security technology carries a lower risk when compared to copper cable. Copper cables are

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Recent Tech Tips

  • Selecting an APU Power Wire +

    Every installation that involves field mounting Fiber SenSys Alarm Processing Units will need to run wiring for power.  Deploy the right gauge wire for the

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  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance +

    A well rounded and regularly followed PM program will ensure that your Fiber SenSys system will continue to perform as designed to high industry standards

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  • Achieving Optimal Performance +

    Outdoor applications of fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems expose the sensor cable to a wide variety of stimuli ranging from high winds, rain, and in

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