Fiber SenSys Security Solutions 

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Fiber SenSys (FSI™) security solutions create lasting value for your business and customers because we employ the advantages of fiber optics and integrated security:

  • Fiber-Optic security solutions are very difficult to defeat
  • Fiber SenSys systems require little or no maintenance and have a demonstrated lifespan of nearly 20 years (many original processors are still in use today).

Fiber SenSys systems work in environments where other perimeter detection systems fail or have numerous false alarms. Learn more about our superior FSI software tools for tuning and calibration.

Fiber-Optic security solutions are resistant to environmental effects (EMI, RFI, wind, extreme temperatures, corrosion, lightning and other weather-related conditions). Explore the Fiber SenSys comprehensive family of perimeter security solutions.

Detection Sensor Deployment Options for Various Substation Barrier Systems

As presented by Rod Hurley at EUCI Conference Substation Physical Security Best Practice -  
April 24-25, 2017, Baltimore, M


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