This rack-mounted Alarm Processor Unit (APU) is equipped with TCP/IP (via XML messaging) and detection zones up to 5km; with insensitive lead-in cable up to 20km for remote APU deployment. The RK-348 rack housing holds up to eight FD348R APUs.

  • The APU can be located remotely (up to 20km)
  • 5km sensing cable (available separately)
  • Sensor cable immune to EMI, RFI, and lightning
  • 25+ configuration parameters
  • Comes with SpectraView™ calibration software for nuisance alarm discrimination 

Ideal for high-security applications requiring remote capable APUs

Applications: Oil refineries, correctional facilities, industrial

  • 8 each 1-zone cards per 19" sub-rack, 4U (RK-348)
  • 1 zone per card
  • Insensitive lead to 20km

Advanced tuning; typically deployed in a control room.

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