Physical Data Networks and SecurLAN™

Protected Distribution Systems and Physical Networks

The protection of information technology networks is a priority both within the private sector and branches of the U.S. Military at the Department of Defense (DOD). Ensuring that national security information is never compromised forms the basis for all network communications security initiatives. It is widely known that the fiber-optic or copper cables that form network backbone raceways are vulnerable to intruders that might physically tap into their data streams.

When deployed in parallel within a network conduit, embedded in a carrier, or used to physically protect passive optical networks (PON), the Fiber SenSys Alarm Processor Unit (APU) is the core component used to alarm the network conduit or the raceway. The APU, as the integral part of the SecurLAN™ network protection model, enables a network carrier system to meet the DOD requirements for Protected Distribution Systems (PDS), a government requirement for physical protection of classified network data.

It has been demonstrated and verified that SecurLAN™ solutions are offered at the lowest cost per zone in the industry. The products have also been approved and certified for the protection of the PDS, and are compatible with all varieties of network architectures, including secure passive optical networks (PON).

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SecurCommander™ Security Management System Brochure
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SecurLAN Brochure
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SecurLAN Overview
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SL50x Spec Sheet
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A command and control interface that when combined with SecurLAN optical sensors and data cut-off switches forms a Protected Distribution System (PDS).
SL504™ / SL508™
The SL504 monitors up to four different sensing fibers (zones), while the SL508 can support up to eight. Each sensing fiber can be up to 5km in length for maximum protection. Supports insensitive lead-in cable capability.
Rack-mounted single-zone Alarm Processor Unit (APU) is equipped with TCP/IP (native XML messaging) and supports a sensing cable length of up to 5km; with insensitive lead-in cable up to 20km. The RK-348 rack housing holds up to eight SL358R APUs.
The SL358R-SM comes with all the of the features of our SL358R and the added feature of allowing your new or existing single-mode cable to operate as the sensor. This product does NOT support insensitive lead-in cables.
Designed for remote deployment, this dual-channel SecurLAN APU can be located (up to 20km) from the protected zone.
Unit has the ability to utilize single-mode cable, allowing your new or existing single-mode cable to be the sensor. This product does NOT support insensitive lead-in cables.

The SecurLAN™ System:

  • Provides instant notification of unauthorized access, tapping attempts, and accidental intrusions
  • Provides multiple alarm notification options and can provide positive network shutdown of the affected protection zone when combined with FSI optical cutoff switches
  • Makes protecting DOD networks cost-effective
  • Enhances security through multiple annunciation and network communications capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for visible inspection requirements when securing a PDS. Network raceways can be concealed above the ceiling or below the floor.

In the context of classified DOD networks, Protected Distribution Systems (PDS) is a system of carriers (conduits, ducts, etc.) that are used to distribute Military and National Security Information (NSI) between two or more controlled areas or from a controlled area through an area of lesser classification (i.e. outside the SCIF or other similar area).

SecurLAN™ is compliant for use in network Protected Distribution Systems (PDS) at U.S. Government installations built in accordance with the guidelines of CNSSI No.7003 (September 2015) Protected Distribution Systems (PDS).