Tech Tips

The successful installation of a fiber optic security system is achieved by a thorough understanding of the security needs of the site to be protected as well as proper deployment of the sensor cable. The application note and drawing schematics contained in this Tech Tip will help the reader understand proper installation techniques.

One of the most useful features of the Fiber Defender Alarm Processor Unit (APU) is its ability to provide valuable diagnostics to the user.  This information can be used to document system performance, and if the system is detecting poorly or if it spontaneously generates an alarm, corrective actions can often be deduced from the diagnostics.

The cleanliness of optical connectors used in conjunction with the Fiber SenSys Alarm Processor Units (APU's) is absolutely critical.  All optical connectors must be cleaned immediately prior to insertion into the ports on the alarm processor. Failure to do so may result in damage to internal components.


Fiber SenSys intrusion detection systems offer an extremely wide range of features and customization options that allows our products to integrate well with a variety of fencing styles.  Our alarm processors are designed to be used with mesh style fences, and are capable of being implemented with many other fence styles and other applications. 

This document outlines the processes of measuring zone lengths, calculating cable lengths, dividing the cable lengths into SC3-C spools, and assigning the spools to zones.