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In the context of classified DOD networks, Protected Distribution Systems (PDS) is a system of carriers (conduits,  ducts, etc.) that are used to distribute Military and National Security Information (NSI) between two or more controlled areas or from a  controlled area through an area of lesser classification (i.e., outside the SCIF or other similar area).

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SL508 Insensitive lead

Also, one superior component of the Fiber SenSys CTTA evaluated and tested Alarmed Carrier System is the ability to use insensitive lead-in cable. With the insensitive lead, the electronics can be located a significant distance away from the protection zone, allowing for maximum design advantages.


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Monday, 01 September 2014

Trade Shows Q4 2014

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Atlanta, GA (ASIS) & Saudi Arabia (IFSEC / OSH)


ASIS International - Atlanta, GA

The ASIS International 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2014) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from September 29 – October 2, 2014.

ASIS 2014

For the past six decades, ASIS has been at the forefront of the security industry's advancement by supplying the ultimate venue for the exchange of visionary technologies, ideas, and solutions—all designed to enrich professionals practicing across the physical and logical spectrums. It's this level of thought leadership that has cemented our reputation as the world's most influential security event.

ASIS 2014 2


Be sure to join us, along with Optex, at Booth #837 to learn about our industry-leading security solutions.



Event Link:  https://securityexpo.asisonline.org/Pages/default.aspx




IFSEC & OSH Saudi Arabia

IFSEC and OSH Arabia Trade Show 11-14



This event is part of the global expansion of the highly respected IFSEC portfolio, which operates to bring together security,  safety and fire purchasers with the suppliers to the industry. 

As the meeting place for 4000 commercial and government buyers, professionals from across Saudi Arabia gather in Riyadh to discuss the future of the security, safety and fire industry and source technologies, solutions and innovations to ensure successful industrial security strategies.

The conference consists of one day of high-level plenary sessions followed by a streamed agenda on day two. You can choose from one of three streams depending on your area of interest – Security, Fire and Safety.

Please attend this event to source the latest protection, fire and safety solutions from international exhibitors and improve your industry knowledge.

 More information here:  http://www.ifsec-osh-arabia.com/ 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

FSI Announces Online Training and Certification Module

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Free Product Training Available Without Travel Requirements


Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) has released the FD322 Security Product Online Training and Certification Program  - available from the website.

CertificateTo address the need for proper installation, tuning and calibration requirements, the FD322 Online Training Module has been created to facilitate certified installer status without the need to travel to the corporate headquarters in Oregon. The testing module consists of six online videos and a short quiz associated with each video.

Designed specifically for lower-cost industrial and commercial fence security applications, the FD322 Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System is a fiber-optic perimeter security intrusion detection sensor with two zones of protection for each Alarm Processor Unit (APU). The FD322 solution is also available as a KIT with the FD322-Rapid Fiber™.

To access the training module, customers and partners must be registered and logged in to the FSI website. At the completion of the six quizzes, students are awarded a certificate, indicating they have completed the module and are certified to install the FD322 perimeter security system.

For more information, please contact:
Tony Cardo, Marketing Director
Contact Phone Number: 503-726-4467

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