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Date added: 03/20
Last modified on: 02/21
License: Software Terms and Conditions
Version: v20.03.09

SpectraView is Windows PC software for configuring and tuning most Fiber Defender® 300 series alarm processing units (except FD322). This software is also included on the Product CD, which additionally includes drivers, manuals, and other utilities.

Use SpectraView to perform functions such as:

  • Configure and tune the intrusion-detection system
  • View real-time signals from the cable assembly
  • Record and save signals from the sensor cables
  • Review and analyze recorded sensor-cable signal files
  • Predict optimal system calibration settings through signal modeling

Version 20.03.09 of the software includes a variety of fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • Improve wind reject modeling.
  • Audible notifications for events and alarms in RealTime mode.
  • Display which processor evented in RealTime mode.
  • Added "Scan for APUs" button in COM port selection window.

The download file does not require a password.