Sensing Technology Applied To Company Perimeter and Data Security Solutions since 1990



speckleFiber SenSys recently celebrated 24 YEARS OF MODALMETRIC SENSOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. As the pioneer of this technology applied to perimeter and physical data security protection worldwide, Fiber SenSys is pleased to announce on-going product development and innovative sensor technology enhancements based on this technology.

The Fiber SenSys sensing mechanism uses optical interferometry in which modally dispersive coherent light traveling through the multimode fiber mixes at the fiber's terminus, resulting in a characteristic pattern of light and dark splotches called speckle.  The laser speckle is stable as long as the fiber remains immobile, but flickers when the fiber is vibrated.  The system works by measuring the time dependence of this speckle pattern and applying digital signal processing to the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of the temporal data.


About Fiber SenSys
Fiber SenSys, Inc., an Optex Group Company, is the market leading manufacturer of intrusion detection solutions for commercial, government and military installations, including airports, oil refineries, solar power generation farms, electrical substations, nuclear power plants, healthcare facilities, secure government facilities and other critical infrastructure facilities.

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