Streamlined Intrusion Detection System Designed for Easy Installation

Hillsboro, OR, March 20th, 2014 - Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI), the leading manufacturer of advanced fiber-optic sensors and integrated security systems, is pleased to announce the release of the FD525-HALO™Perimeter Intrusion Detection System.  The new product is built upon existing technology that has been successfully deployed at thousands high security facilities around the world, in a low-priced, easy to use intrusion detection system.

The FD525-HALO™solves many perimeter security problems inherent at commercial, industrial and critical infrastructure facilities using an all-Fiber-Optic Sensor and advanced software for nuisance alarm discrimination.  The FD525-HALO™ reduces the installation cost of a typical perimeter security system.

“We are excited to provide the FD525-HALO™to meet customer requests for a simple, yet powerful tool to protect perimeters at a lower materials and installation cost” said Bill Evenson, Vice President and Global Sales Officer at Fiber SenSys.  “This is an ideal complement to our portfolio and allows for value-engineered integration of perimeter security systems”, Mr. Evenson added. 

The FD525-HALO™is an easy-to-install fiber-optic intrusion detection system with up to 25 independent zones, impressive probability of detection (PD) and un-matched nuisance alarm rate.

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