Hillsboro, OR - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) has released the FD322 Security Product Online Training and Certification Program  - available from the website.

To address the need for proper installation, tuning and calibration requirements, the FD322 Online Training Module has been created to facilitate certified installer status without the need to travel to the corporate headquarters in Oregon. The testing module consists of six online videos and a short quiz associated with each video.

Designed specifically for lower-cost industrial and commercial fence security applications, the FD322 Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System is a fiber-optic perimeter security intrusion detection sensor with two zones of protection for each Alarm Processor Unit (APU). The FD322 solution is also available as a KIT with the FD322-Rapid Fiber™.

To access the training module, customers and partners must be registered and logged in to the FSI website. At the completion of the six quizzes, students are awarded a certificate, indicating they have completed the module and are certified to install the FD322 perimeter security system.

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