Fiber Sensys Securlan Network PDS Solution article Oct 2014 V1 dt4Data security is extremely important in military environments. Fiber SenSys SecurLAN Network PDS (Protected Distribution System) provides physical layer 1 protection. By deploying a fiber-optic sensor that is co-located with data cables, disturbances from attempts to tap or compromise the network can be detected. 

Fiber SenSys, Inc., demonstrated their SecurLAN solution at Offutt Air Force Base Technology Expo held earlier this month in Nebraska. SecurLAN protects military and national security information (NSI) between controlled areas. 

Technical and operational advantages include: 

  • Industry-wide, lowest cost per zone 
  • Flexible architecture matches infrastructure needs and is expandable 
  • Passive; no electronics needed outside of the command and control area 
  • Advanced signal processing and tuning ensures that intruders are detected while rejecting nuisance alarms 
  • Quickly, easily and securely integrate and communicate with existing network management systems. 

Also known in PDS security as the “alarmed carrier,” SecurLAN can be used in lieu of encryption and is a less expensive method of securing vital and sensitive data compared to the cost of installing COMSEC encryption devices. It is a key component of the government’s physical security requirements for SIPRNET, JWICS and other classified networks. The SecurLAN system is isolated from the red signal and SIPRNET network. PDS is a requirement when routing through lower level Limited Control Access Areas (LCAs) and especially when encryption is not utilized. 

We work closely with the military and defense contractors worldwide to ensure our products have gone through stringent testing and evaluation and meet all technical requirements and provide the best value” said Bill Evenson, Fiber SenSys VP and Global Sales Officer. SecurLAN Alarmed Carrier Hardened PDS is compliant with the requirements of NSTISSI 7003 and Air Force AFMAN 22-201, Volume 8, and has received SPAWAR approval – under NAVSO IA Pub 5239-22 U.S. Navy, the instructions that govern the protection of unencrypted National Security Information.