STA Grupa, a leading distributor in the CIS area, helps spread the word on Fiber SenSys products

The 22nd Securika MIPS exposition was held March 14th through the 17th and is the largest security show in Russia.  Historically, attendance has been around 18,000 specialists from 48 countries and 78 Russian regions.  This was an important show for Fiber SenSys and we were proud to be represented by STA Grupa.

"As the security climate becomes more and more demanding, STA is seeing strong interest in perimeter security.  By offering the Fiber SenSys solution we are able to fulfill even the most critical needs." Said Aleksey, CEO of STA Grupa.        

Russia and the CIS region is one of the world’s leading exporters of energy and has many critical resource sites that demand protection from theft, vandalism and terrorism.  Security is important to the commercial and energy sectors as well as government organizations.

Fiber SenSys perimeter solutions are ideal for these environments.  Our outdoor perimeter sensors can be installed with no electronics is in the field, increasing security, life expectancy of the equipment and reducing installation cost by eliminating the need to distribute power and communications in the field.  These features make Fiber SenSys an excellent choice for oil and gas facilities, military complexes, nuclear plants and electrical distribution systems.

Please contact the factory trained engineers at STA Grupa or Fiber SenSys to assist you in your perimeter security needs. 

STA Grupa: http://sta.ru/products/fiber-sensys.html 
Fiber SenSys: http://www.fibersensys.com