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Baseline Cybersecurity Framework Planned For Industry Best Practices


It might seem confusing to read about cyber security on a physical security industry website, but our perspective in tells us that issues related to data security pertain to the work we are doing in with SecurLAN in the PDS, PON, and GPON space.  Many of the security teams that are responsible for cyber security countermeasures are also responsible for the access control and physical protection of the network infrastructure.

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In February, President Barack Obama issued a cybersecurity executive order that directs U.S. intelligence agencies to share information on potential cyber threats with private businesses that are considered part of the nation\'s critical infrastructure.  The order also gives government agencies a year to devise a \"baseline framework\" for cybersecurity that incorporates peer-based standards and industry best practices.  This week, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is part of U.S. Department of Commerce, hosted the first in a series of cybersecurity workshops designed to help develop this framework in Washington, D.C.

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Access control systems and locks expected to see the greatest gains

According to a new report from the Freedonia Group, the U.S. market for security products and systems is expected to increase 6.3 percent annually to $19.9 billion in 2016. Rebounds in construction and capital investment spending are expected to be the primary growth drivers. A perceived high risk of crime and technological improvements to security technology will also play a role.

Research Firm Reports - Industry Weathers Economic Storms


According to a recent report published by UK-based research firm Memoori, the security industry has not only managed to weather the economic storm brought about by the global recession, but is actually thriving and growing.