Fiber SenSys Inc., the leading global manufacturer of advanced fiber-optic sensors and integrated security systems, received the United Kingdom’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) government approval for the Fiber Defender® FD322 fence mount fiber optic sensor. 

The Fiber SenSys FD322 Alarm Processing Unit is now included in the United Kingdom’s prestigious CPNI Catalogue of Security Equipm

ent published to assist key partners in the public and private sectors, including the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (CESG), the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and the Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA) network in the selection of appropriately vetted equipment to protect critical infrastructures.



“We are pleased that our best-selling FD322 sensor has been approved by yet another important globally-recognized standards authority for the protection of critically important government infrastructures,” said Bill Evenson, Vice President of Fiber SenSys, Inc. 




The FD322 Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System combines Fiber SenSys’ legacy of high-security, high-reliability, and high-performance designed into a simple and easy to configure system at a very competitive price. The FD322 underwent exhaustive and rigorous testing at CPNI, using stringent guidelines making it the ideal perimeter fence-mounted security solution for critical infrastructures.


About Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI)

Fiber SenSys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optex Co. Ltd., the world’s largest outdoor sensor manufacturer. As a member of the global Optex Group of Companies, FSI manufactures reliable, high-performance fiber-optic intrusion detection solutions for a wide variety of markets: military installations (permanent and tactical), airports, government facilities, prisons, nuclear and chemical plants, refineries, estates, power stations and other public utilities. These solutions have undergone rigorous testing by Sandia National Laboratories and the US Air Force, receiving approval for use in programs such as FPS2, BISS, TASS, IBDSS, Protected Distribution Systems, and the Nuclear Active Seals program. In addition, Fiber SenSys produces the only Protection Level-1 Nuclear-rated fence-mounted fiber optic security product in the world.

To learn more about the new Fiber SenSys, visit http://www.fibersensys.com.

For additional information, contact Marketing at: +1-503-692-4430


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