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Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber Optic Sensors

For stand-alone, rack-mounted, or remote intrusion detection requirement, the Fiber SenSys Intrusion Detection Systems provide high-security and resistance to tampering and nuisance alarms.

Fiber-Optic Sensors are immune to EMI, RFI and the effects of lightning.

FSI Product Families

  • The FD322 Product and Information

    fd322 higher resDesigned specifically for price-sensitive industrial, commercial, and retail applications, Fiber SenSys® has developed the FD322 Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System as an all-new fiber-optic perimeter sensor.

    FD322 Product page >>

  • FD33X Products and Information

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    Designed specifically for government, industrial and commercial applications, Fiber SenSys® has developed the FD33X Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System, a one or two zone fiber-optic perimeter security sensor.

    FD33X Product Page >>

  • FD34X Products and Information

    FD341 4ad653f2e7faeEven with new electronics and a new Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the FD-34X series continues to provide users with an intrusion detection system that is immune to the effects of EMI, lightning, magnetic fields and radio frequency transmissions, all while filtering out sensor cable signals from non-threatening events such as wind, weather and small animals.

    FD34X Product Page >>

  • SL508 PDS Alarmed Carrier

    SL508FrontB lighter background

    Designed for physical protection of government computer networks and positioned in response to Protected Distribution Systems (PDS) instructions, the SL508 APU is an 8-zone unit that alarms metallic raceway, conduit or multi-strand (dark fiber) armored cable infrastructure.

    >>> SL508 Product Page

  • FD508 Alarm Processor Unit (APU)

    fd508 gback cropped 8-12

    Designed as a 1-U rack-mounted instrument for standard data center racks, Fiber SenSys® has developed the FD508™ Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System as an all-new fiber-optic perimeter sensor. The FD508 detects intruders using a fiber-optic sensor that is deployed on the perimeter. For fence-protected perimeters, the sensing fiber is installed on the fence inside specially designed UV resistant polyethylene conduit.  This alarm processor unit provides perimeter protection up to 8 zones.

    >>> FD508 Product Page

  • FD525 Products and Information

    fd525 brochure photo from rev d 03-11For security projects that require the best perimeter protection available, the FD525 Alarm Processing Unit (APU) from Fiber SenSys is the solution. This all-fiber-optic intrusion detection system is capable of detecting simultaneous intrusion attempts on multiple zones along your perimeter. Know instantly when an intruder – or a group of intruders – is attempting to breach your perimeter.

    FD525 Product Page >> 

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